Brunch / Breakfast Menu

Beverages: coffee (regular or decaf.),teas, fresh squeezed orange juice, POG juice (Passion fruit, Orange, Guava), apple juice, coconut water, fresh made smoothies

Scrambled eggs

Sunny side up eggs

Omelettes: with ham and cheese, with vegetables and cheese* (mushrooms, spinach, zucchini, bell peppers, onions, avocado, fresh tomatoes, home made pico de gallo, etc.), with spinach and cheese*, * jack, cheddar, goat, havarti, etc.

Eggs benedict with ham and spinach, canadian bacon eggs benedict (with hollandaide sauce), smoked salmon and spinach eggs spinach (with hollandaide sauce), smoked salmon eggs benedict (with hollandaide sauce)

Poached eggs with avocado and spinach

Ham, bacon, breakfast sausage, canadian bacon

Fried potatoes, hash potatoes

Hash browned potatoes with sour cream and bacon

Breakfast burritos

Creative fruit platters (es. watermelon)

Pancakes* : Macademia nut, blueberry, chocolate chips or plain (*can be made with wheat, gluten free, buckwheat)

Assorted muffins



Toasts (sour dough, whole wheat, rye, etc.)

French toasts with bananas and blueberries

Yogurt with granola

Fresh fruits rainbow platters

Fruit salad

Bagels with cream cheese (or goat cheese) smoked salmon, tomatoes

Grounded turkey roll with spinach, ham, cheese, hard boiled eggs