Cocoa roll with milk cream

My kids love this roll ! and since it is made with fresh ingredients and no butter it’s much lighter than other dessert.

You can also add strawberries or you can make the cream using coconut milk and coconut cream … i am sure that it will be delicious anyway !

Ingredients for the cocoa roll:

eggs: 4

sugar: 80 gr

vanilla: one tea spoon

powder sugar: 10 gr.

flour 00: 35 gr

honey: 10 gr

cocoa : 25 gr

Ingredients for the milk cream:

Milk: 400 gr

fresh whipping cream : 150 gr

vanilla: 1 tea spoon

honey: 1 tea spoon

sugar: 80 gr

corn starch: 40 gr

dark chocolate crumbs: 20 gr  


1 Mix the corn starch with 100 gr of fresh milk

2 Mix 300 gr. of milk with the sugar and warm it up

3 add the two mix together and keep mixing till it becomes creamy than remove from the stove

4 transfer in a bowl and cool it down at room temperature covered with a plastic film

5 when it’s cooled put it in the fridge

6 whip the cream and add it to the other cream very gently

7 mix the two cream until it’s all smooth 

8 put it in the fridge for about half hour


1 mix the eggs with the honey 

2 add the vanilla bean and the sugar 

3 mix till it’s very fluffy

4 sift the cocoa with the flour into the mix ( a little bit at the time) an mix with a spoon 

5 cover your baking tray with a sheet of parchment paper ( about 30 cm x 40 cm ) (12×18 inches)

6 pour the mix over the parchment paper 

7 distribute with a spatula (make sure that it fully covers the entire surface)

8 cook at 180 C for 6/8 minutes (392 F)

9 take it off the oven, remove it from the baking tray

10 sift the powder sugar over the surface

11 cover with a plastic film and let it sit on your table 

12 wait until it’s room temperature


1 put a spoon of the milk cream on the side (for the garnishment)

2 add the chocolate crumbs to the cream

3 make sure that you can remove the roll from the paper without damaging it 

4 pour the cream on the cocoa roll and spread it with a spatula

5 gently roll all together 

6 decorate the surface of the roll using a sac a poche 

7 let it sit in the fridge for at least one hour

8 ENJOY : )