i love gnocchi !

This is my grandma Adelaide recipe

INGREDIENTS ( 4 servings ):

6 medium size organic potatoes

1 pound of 00 Flour (italian)

1 pinch of salt 

3 spoons of canola oil

for the sauce : about 1 spoon of good quality butter, some olive oil and about 10 leaves of sage

*first prepare your sauce ( butter and sage is my favorite but a bolognese will also be good)


1 peel the potatoes and put them in a pan full of water with a little bit of salt

2 boil until the potatoes are soft

3 drain the water and let the potatoes cool

4 smash them with a potato smasher (in a big bowl)

5 add half of the flour ( little bit at the time) and start mixing with a fork… add a pinch of salt ( taste it to preference )

6 keep adding flour until you can make a ball of dough ( the more flour you add the stiffer they will get )

7 once your ball is not sticky, cut it in into 4 pieces (now you can wash your hands and make sure you have everything ready for the next steps)

8 prepare your big wood cutting board and spread a film of flour on it ( i prefer to work near the sink area so i make less of a mess)

8 start rolling the first piece of dough making a “snake” (about 1/2 inch diameter) 

9 cut “the snake” into little gnocchi (about 1/2 inch)

10 transfer the gnocchi to separate plates ( put a film of flour on the plate first so they won’t stick) 

11 boil a big pot of water (3/4) and add the canola oil ( so the gnocchi won’t stick while they are cooking)

12 put the gnocchi in the boiling water as quick as possible ( but be careful to do not get splashed with the boiling water)

13 wait 30 seconds and than start stirring the gnocchi with a slotted spoon

14 when you see the gnocchi coming up to the surface of the water they are ready ! don’t wait ! just pull them out using the slotted spoon and put them in your big glass baking pan so they can “relax” with a little bit of olive oil or your sauce ( so they don’t get sticky)

15 once your gnocchi are all in the big glass baking pan just let them “rest” for about 5/10 minutes before you start adding more sauce and stir them (very delicately)