My blueberry cake is the best

I had a big bag of thawed frozen blueberries ( my freezer broke yesterday ) so i decided to make a blueberry cake …

In the beginning I was trying to copy a recipe but i have changed a few ingredients so i could make an healthier and lighter version of it.

The result was a incredibly amazing ! i have made a delicious cake ! that’s why i want to share my recipe.

INGREDIENTS (try to choose organic if you can)

Blueberries: 450 gr

Almond flour: 160 gr

Buckwheat flour: 50 gr

00 Flour: 30 gr

Organic brown coconut sugar: 150 gr

Coconut oil: 115 gr

Eggs (medium size): 2

coconut milk: 200 gr

one teaspoon of vanilla ( Madagascar is good )

baking powder: one spoon

Powder yeast for desserts: one spoon

Chia seeds: 4 spoons

One lemon zest

One pinch of salt

1 put the thawed blueberries in a strainer so there is no more liquid 

2 put the sugar and the coconut oil in a bowl and mix them

3 add the lemon zest, the vanilla and the salt and the coconut milk  … mix very well with electric hand mixer

4 in a separate container mix the flours, the yeast, the baking powder and the chia seeds

5 add the “dry” mix to the “wet” mix , a little bit at the time … keep mixing with the electric hand mixer

6 add about 3/4 of the blueberries and keep mixing using a wood spoon

7 prepare your baking pan and pour the mix in it 

8 add the rest of the blueberries and make it flat

9 bake it on the lower level of the baking oven ( no fan) at 356 F  for 50 minutes ( this is for a 9 inches pan )

* the convection oven (with the fan) is faster ( 42 minutes are enough ) .. that’s what i prefer ( moister inside )

* if you have a pan with a bigger diameter you need less time

10 check if the cake is cooked using a toothpick 

11 Let the cake cool down, possibly using a cooling rack, not on a flat surface

let me know how it turned out !