THE REAL Focaccia Genovese (from Genova)

This is the best focaccia ever !!! if you have been to Genova , this focaccia will take you there in one second ! i promise !


Flour 00 : 350 g (normal flour it’s ok )  

Fresh beer east : 10 gr (dried east 5 gr)

Water, room temperature: 200 gr

Olive oil: 18 gr

salt: 7 gr

sugar : 3 gr.

patience : a lot

for the brine you need 70 gr of water (room temperature) and 8 salt (all mixed together)

mix the flour, the water, the salt, the oil and the sugar … mix, mix and mix

when you have a nice dough add the east and mix again

prepare a nice and oily the baking tin and put the dough in it like a flat ball and cover everything with a plastic film sit for 45 minutes

spread the dough nice and flat all over the baking tin and cover with the same plastic again… let it sit for 45 minutes.

pour the brine over the dough add olive oil (as much as you like) and make holes with your fingers .

Cover and let it sit for 45 more minutes.

cook in the oven at 428 for 15 minutes.

it’s better when it’s warm : )